Atomik Buggy Range

Kids Units

Although we recommend the 300CC Atomik Buggy to our customers, we do get access to some smaller units if we need to. These units are also built by Atomik and include a 5.5 Hp unit, 6.5 Hp Unit and a 150CC Unit. If you require more information about these units please contact the store.

Spare Parts

Spare Parts

We get access to a large range

of spare parts. If we sell it we get the parts

for it.

Many models we carry use similar parts

to other models so even if it wasn't

purchased from us bring in the part you

need and we will try to match it.

300CC Buggy

300CC Rampage Buggy

High and Low Range + Reverse

Recommended for ages 16 + years

Ignition start

Independant Rear Suspension

Unleaded Fuel

Heavy Duty Unit

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Servicing and Repairs

Spare Parts

If you need some repairs or just some general maintanance done we can look

after you.

From an oil change to a complete rebuild

we can get it done for you.

Just bring in your unit and we will

take a look.