Pallet Racking

Our pallet racking comes in a variety of sizes. Starting at 1850mm high and going to any height up to 6 metres. The width of our bays are either 1 or 2 pallet spaces wide. With a total bay capacity of 14000kg and a shelf capacity of 2000kgs it is solid enough for just about any job. We can also supply the safety barriers for the racking as well as Australian standard signage when it is complete. We also offer delivery and installation in our local area.


Pallet Racking

All pallet racking frames are 840mm deep.

1850mm high frame $120
2450mm high frame $140
3150mm high frame $160
3650mm high frame $180

1372mm wide beams $80 (set of 2)
2600mm wide beam $120 (set of 2)

Pallet racking frame protector $60

Other frame heights and accessories are available just give us a call and we can organise a quote for you.